Protection from the Sun


In range of facade blinds we cooperate with a Czech company ISOTRA.

We have fixed blinds and adjustable facade blinds - profiled out of aluminum sheets

Colour of blinds can be adapted to colour of a facade.

Thanks to facade blinds we increase your comfort of being in rooms, often exposed to a lot of sunlight; blinds will be lowering noise from the other side too.

żaluzje fasadowe






Roller blinds - constitute protection form sunlight but also are used as an additional protection for doors and windows from burglary. They are assembled in a integrated system together with windows and doors or directly into an elevation over or under plaster. Opened by hand or automatically by remote. Standard colors - white, brown, gray and other non-standard or woodlike.




Awnings by DRAGON with sheathing by a leading company DICKSON that manufactures that kinds of fabrics.

They protect not only from Sun or rain but also thanks to use of electric heat radiators allow you to be on fresh air even on colder days.

Construction of awnings is made out of aluminum painted in any RAL palette colour; withstands wind up to 5 in Beaufort scale. (2nd wind class)

Sheathing is not toxic, it does not smell bad after it is heated by sun and it does not contain any cancerous dyes or pesticides. Thanks to modern nanotechnology of impregnation process they are resistant to water, dirt and mold.

Based on application we divide awnings on:

  • Window-balcony
  • Terrace; semi or full cassette
  • Facade awnings
  • There is an option to operate awnings remotely with use of electric drive
  • In case of large size it is possible to equip awnings with weather automatization system.






In our covers system offer applied as sunlight covers we have:


  • Fabric blinds
  • Fabric pleats
  • Aluminum blinds
  • Wooden blinds
  • Vertical fabric blinds
  • Vertical PVC blinds


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