Winter Gardens

Primarily we build on German profiles made by TS Aluminium Profilsysteme

Use of profiles designed especially for roofs that takes into an account static calculations (ex. snow weight), guarantees full air-tightness of constructions.

Depending of needs and purpose of construction we use "warm" aluminium profiles with a thermal spacer or "cold" profiles without it.

Profiles can be painted on any colour according to RAL pallet and woodlike veneers, resistant to atmospheric conditions.

Based on clients needs and functionality of a building, construction of walls and roof are filled with glass or polycarbonate plates. Walls can be made as fixed glass, standard windows or doors. Sliding or folding doors that will give us very wide passages are also possible.

In case of a need of better ventilation of a conservatiory it is also possible to install windows in a roof. Openable by hand or automaticlly.

Conservatories of our production, thanks to use of professional profiles are characterized by unique esthetics that fits a residential building and thanks to professional installers with years of expiriance we guarantee the highest quality of realization.

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Terrace roofing

Who does not dream of comfortable relax on your own terrace, without worry about harmful impact of sun or sudden weather change? This part of the house is very important to a lot of people. To increase it's functionality it is wise to invest into it's decent roofing.

Terrace roofings are made out of aluminum profiles by TS Aluminum Profilsysteme or on facade profiles. They provide protection from sun, rain or snow and increase the quality of your rest.

We use "cold" profiles in different shapes adjusted to existing building architecture so the two blend in together.

Profiles can be painted on any RAL pallet colour and be filled with chamber polycarbonate, solid polycarbonate or glass.

Roofs over an entrance doors serve as a protection from harmful atmospheric conditions. They are made out of "cold" aluminum profiles or as a all-glass constructions in various patterns. From pent roofs, through double pent, arched to unconventional complicated shapes and sizes. Up to 1m of depth.

Roofs over 1m of depth require an additional supporting structure.

  • Supporting structure is made out of aluminum profiles painted on any RAL colour
  • Filling of a roof is made out of polycarbonate
  • There is a possibility to make a roof over an entrance together with side walls that will additionally protect against wind, rain and snow.




Winter Gardens


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