Folding door

Their selection brings many arrangement possibilities. Folding doors, depending on the place of installation, allow you to really open the interior of the house to the terrace or garden. In the case of a living room with a large area, it can be used to separate e.g. a dining room, which can be connected to the rest of the room at any time with almost one move.

Harmonious appearance and convenience of use

Our customers from Łódź and the surrounding area appreciate the fact that thanks to the special construction of folding doors, we can create a passage width of up to 12m without additional posts or fixed, unopened windows, so-called FIX-s. So we don't have to worry about the width of the furniture or other things they carry. Unlike traditional sashes, they do not take up much of the usable area and do not force the furniture or decorations to move, which could become an obstacle when opening. There is also no risk that a larger gust of wind will close them. It closes and opens quickly and without the use of force.

On the terrace and indoors

This type of door will be successful both as an exit to the terrace and inside. However, this construction is not only reserved for use as a transition between two rooms. It can also be used in wardrobes or wardrobes - especially for small and narrow rooms, where every centimeter saved matters. Folding doors in the wardrobe will also give very easy access to the entire interior at the same time!

Why should you opt for a folding door?

  • attractive appearance and great arrangement possibilities
  • easy to open and close
  • even 12m wide without additional posts - large glazing area
  • very good technical parameters, including low heat transfer coefficient

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